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Paramagnetic Basalt Rock Dust

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The Building Block Of Healthy Soil

Paramagnetic Basalt helps to promote micro-organism activity and contributes to the building of humus complexes. Basalt is also rich in trace minerals. Basalt will not affect pH, increases phosphorous uptake and has properties that help neutralize odours caused by more noxious soil additives. 

Simply stated, rock minerals are the building blocks of healthy soil.  Up To 5kg of Basalt Rock Dust can be raked or tilled into the soil sufficient to cover 9 square meters of garden. 

Basalt Rock Dust is generally used as a top dress or mixed into potting soil at 1/4  to 2 cups per 30  litres of soil, or can be agitated into water and watered in. 

Recommended Usage

  • Incorporate up to  5% by volume to soil mixes
  • 1kg-12kg per 10m sq in tillage or spread on the surface. 
  • 550gm per 10L in solution, agitate to keep particles suspended. 
  • Use 10kg per meter to aid in compost bins

 (¼ cup Basalt Rock Dust = 83g, 2 cups Basalt Rock Dust = 660g, (5kg or 15cups/9m2))